AIS Innovations

Eastern Canada rep



Our primary vision is to provide Designers and Engineers with quality engineering and reverse Engineering products. We have partnered with several companies’ to bring these products to Canada.

Roland has been manufacturing products for over 25 years and continues to build high quality systems to you.

Rhinoceros (Rhino) 3D has been providing one of the best 3D Design and surfacing software for almost 20 years. Rhino 3D continues to provide a great software and has over a 100 3rd party plug-in’s available for many different industries.

We also market many other products such as Formech Vacuum forming systems used in the design and packaging industry. AB Machinery mini Injection mold systems used in Medical, Jewelry and micro molding industries.

Our second vision is to design and build better products. Over the past 10 – 15 years the continual degradation of consumer designed and manufactured products to solely support profiteering and not consumers needs has left a great part of the general public letdown and looking for quality as well as a good price.

We feel both quality and price can be a reality, better designs, prototypes and product evaluation before going to market is a must. Personally in the past several years I have purchase way to many inferior designed and manufactured products. Although many people place the blame on Asian built products, but in fact the issue is more based on design, material choices and quality control.



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